This Week’s Show: Family Force 5

By Paul Gibson | February 5th, 2016 | Posted In News

fAMILY fORCE 5 - wp 2016

This week’s guest is Family Force 5‘s guitarist Chap Stique aka Derek Mount. We’ll talk about basket ball and upcoming music. Always fun.

Weekly Fan Favorite Poll

By Paul Gibson | February 2nd, 2016 | Posted In Polls

Fan Favorite IMG 2015 - 1

You can vote once per day until the poll closes on Monday.

What Song Should be This Week’s Fan Favorite?
Almost Taken – Ashes
Attaboy – Come Alive
Bread Of Stone – Porcelain ft Jonathan Thulin
Children 18:3 – Afterall…
Come Wind – Clarity
Decyfer Down – Nothing More
Devil Wears Prada – Planet A
Disciple – Sayonara
(New) Drive Thru Society – Amnesty
(New) Emery – The Beginning
Family Force 5 – Glow In The Dark
For Today – Broken Lens
Graceful Closure – Chasing Fears
Hearts Like Lions – I’m Not Running Away From This
Lacey Sturm – Impossible
Matty Mullins – Come Alive
The Ongoing Concept – Amends
Rapture Ruckus – Mr Roboto
(New) Red – Take Me Over
Red – Yours Again
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – It Was You
Scarlet White – Worthy
Seventh Day Slumber – Bring It On
Silversyde – Closer
Spoken – Falling Apart
Thousand Foot Krutch – In My Room
(New) Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out
Vesperteen – Shatter In The Night
Veridia ft Mattie Mullins – Pretty Lies
XXI – Say It Again

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This Week’s Guest: Seventh Day Slumber

By Paul Gibson | January 29th, 2016 | Posted In Uncategorized


Seventh Day Slumber is our guest this week on the show. Check out our interview with Joseph Rojas to hear about their follow up to the Redline EP, the upcoming City Rock Fest Tour with Disciple Rocks, Spoken, Decyfer Down, & Children 18:3 and more.

This Week’s Guest: The Ongoing Concept

By Paul Gibson | January 22nd, 2016 | Posted In Uncategorized

The Ongoing concept-wp

This week we are joined by Dawson Scholz of The Ongoing Concept. Their new album Handmade was recently released on Solid State Records and all the instruments used in the recording were hand made by the band. We’ll talk about that process and more. Don’t miss out.

This Week’s Guest: Come Wind

By Paul Gibson | January 15th, 2016 | Posted In Uncategorized


This week we are joined by Aaron of the band Come Wind to talk about their new record, the future plans of the band, day jobs and more. Go to the stations page  for times and places to listen.