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Until our polls are back to their normal and charming selves you can only vote once per poll. Sorry for any inconvenience and confusion. We are working hard to try to resolve the issue

Look for the new poll to go live sometime on Wednesday!  : )

This Week’s Guest: Disciple

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This week’s guest is Kevin Young from Disciple. We’ll talk about the new addition to his family, their best of album, their new bass player, and some future plans for the band as well.

This Week’s Guest: Pillar

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Pillar 2015-WP

This week on the show we are joined by Rob Beckly from the newly reunited Pillar. We will talk about the new Pillar record One Love Revolution and what went into it. Of course we will also talk about their new single “Nails” and the various styles on the new record as well. Don’t miss it.

This Years GMA Dove Award Nominees

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“Safety (ft. Stephen Christian)” – Fireflight, (writers) Dawn Michele and Rusty Varenkamp

“Darkest Part” – Red, (writers) Anthony Armstrong, Michael Barnes, Randy Armstrong,

“Good To Be Alive” – Skillet, (writers) John L. Cooper, Zac Maloy, Tom Douglas

“Furious Love” – VERIDIA, (writers) Brandon Brown, Deena Jakoub, Ian Eskelin, Barry Weeks

Rob Graves, Josh Baker, Mark Holman

“Dead Man” – We As Human, (writers) Fagerholm, Matti Antero Kristian/Briley, Martin Steven


Complete list available at www.doveawards.com


Rock Album Of The Year

Lowborn – Anberlin, (producer) Anberlin

Attack – Disciple, (producer) Travis Wyrick

Fight the Silence – For Today, (producer) Will Putney

of Beauty and Rage – RED, (producer) Rob Graves

Oxygen: INHALE – Thousand Foot Krutch, (producers) Aaron Sprinkle and Trevor McNevan


Rap/Hip-Hop Song Of The Year

“Who You Know” – Derek Minor, (writers) Derek Johnson & Chris Mackey
“Sideways (ft. Lecrae)” – KB, (writers) Kevin Burgess, Lecrae Moore, Jamal James, Chris Mackey and Joseph Prielozny
“All I Need Is You” – Lecrae, (writers) Lecrae Moore, Dustin “Dab” Bowie, Latasha Williams, Chris Mackey and Joseph Prielozny
“Mansion” – NF, (writers) Nate Feurstein, Lauren Strahm and David Garcia
“Volcano (ft. Jonathan Thulin)” – Rapture Ruckus, (writers) Bradley Dring, Joshua Hawkins, Jonathan Thulin


Rap/Hip-Hop Album Of The Year

Empire – Derek Minor, (producers) Dirty Rice, Derek Minor, Black Knight, Jonny Grande, Anthony “AntMan Wonder” Reid, Tyshane, Bandplay, G-Roc, GAWVI, Syksense

Tomorrow We Live – KB, (producers) Swoope, Dirty Rice, Joseph Prielozny, Supe, Kevin Burgess, Mpax, 808XEliTE

Anomaly – Lecrae, (producers) Dirty Rice, Joseph Prielozny, Street Symphony, S1, J. Rhodes, 808XEliTE, GAWVI, Nate Robinson, Mashell, Derek Minor, Vohnbeatz, Lasanna “Ace” Harris, Alex Medina, Jaquebeatz

Mansion – NF, (producers) Tommee Profitt, David Garcia

Rise – Trip Lee, (producers) GAWVI, Jonatan Barahona, Alex Medina


Rock Contemporary Album Of The Year

Anchor – Colton Dixon, (producers) David Garcia, Adam Watts, Andy Dodd, Gannin Arnold

The Borderland Sessions – John Mark McMillan, (producer) Elijah Mosely

Live From The Woods – NEEDTOBREATHE, (producers) NEEDTOBREATHE

Invader – Rapture Ruckus, (producers) Brad Dring, Geoff Duncan, Steve Aiello

The Edge of the Earth (EP) – Switchfoot, (producers) Neal Avron, the Foreman Brothers


Rock Contemporary Song Of The Year

“Fireblazin” – Capital Kings (writers), Cole Walowac, Jonathan White, Neon Feather, David Garcia and Toby Mckeehan

“Lift Your Head Weary Sinner (Chains)” – Crowder, (writers) Ed Cash, David Crowder, Seth Philpott

“Messengers (ft. for KING & COUNTRY)” – Lecrae, (writers) Lecrae Moore, Joel Smallbone, Luke Smallbone, Ricky Jackson, Ran Jackson, Chris Mackey, Joseph Prielozny and Torrance Esmono

“Brother” – NEEDTOBREATHE, (writers) Bear Rinehart and Bo Rinehart

“Let It Out” – Switchfoot, (writers) Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman, Andrew Pearson


Contemporary Artist Of The Year

Chris Tomlin, sixstepsrecords/Sparrow Records

for KING & COUNTRY, Word Entertainment

Hillsong UNITED, Hillsong Church T/A/Sparrow Records

Lecrae, Reach Records

MercyMe, Fair Trade Services


Artist Of The Year

for KING & COUNTRY, Fervent Records

Francesca Battistelli, Fervent Records

Kari Jobe, Sparrow Records

Lecrae, Reach Records

MercyMe, Fair Trade Services


New Artist Of The Year

About A Mile, Word Entertainment

Danny Gokey, BMG Rights Management

I Am They, Provident Label Group

Lauren Daigle, Centricity Music

NF, Capitol CMG Label Group


Short Form Music Video Of The Year

You Can’t Stop Me – Andy Mineo, (director & producer) Kyle Dettman

Take This City – Everfound, (director & producer) Sean Hagwell

Shoulders – for KING  & COUNTRY, (director) Ben Smallbone (producer) Ben Stansbury

Dreams – King’s Kaleidoscope, (director & producer) David Faddis, Belief Films

Wake Up – NF, (director) Jon Jon Augustavo (producer) Andrew Lerios, PhilyMack Productions


Recorded Music Packaging

After All These Years – Andrew Peterson, (art director & design) Christopher Tobias (hand lettering) Joseph Alessia (photographer) Keely Scott

Anchor – Colton Dixon, (art director & design) Sarah Sung (photographer) David Molnar

Neon Steeple – Crowder, (art director) Shelley Giglio, Mike McCloskey, Leighton Ching, Becca Wildsmith, (design) Leighton Ching (photographer) Zack Arias, Mary Caroline Mann

Anomaly – Lecrae, (art director) Don Clark, (designer) Invisible Creature, (illustrator) Robert Carter, Kevin Fleming, Shinbone Creative (photographer) Mary Caroline Mann

Rise – Trip Lee, (art directors) Alex Medina, Ryan Clark, (design) Invisible Creature (illustrator) Ryan Clark (photographer) Sam Hurd

This Week’s Guest: A Life Set Apart

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A Life Set Apart-2015-WP
This week’s guest is Jacob Apsley from A Life Set Apart. We will talk about their latest full-length record Intentions. We will talk about their unique experience recording it, their new single How Could I, and what they’ve been up to.