The Final Show

By Paul Gibson | March 29th, 2020 | Posted In News

This week marks the final show of The Christian Rock 20. Thank you to all of you who have ever played the show on your station, listened to the show, streamed the interviews or even won music from The CR20.

Also, thank you to my wife Sarah, who often had to take a back seat to production and interview time. She also deserves full credit for helping to create the show. Thanks to Chris Andrews who helped me set up, EQ and even choose my first USB soundboard, which was used to produce the bulk of the CR20 shows as well as the final show. Thanks to Brad Elliott for helping to craft the show and for being cool with show breaking the format of 98X in Abilene TX once a week so the show had a home. And thank you to Chris Kuhner, Tim, Keith, Rynie and the rest of The Broken FM crew for being the first station to pick up the show in syndication and the only station to ever be willing to pay cash for the show.

I will miss all of this but I will enjoy the free time that it will afford me to spend with my wife, my daughter and my soon-to-be-born son.

Stay healthy and stay tuned for new adventures.

Keep On Rockin’,


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