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This Week’s Guest: Adelaide

By Paul Gibson | September 14th, 2018

This week’s guest is the band Adelaide. We’ll talk with the band about their upcoming record, homeschooling, dolphins, and of course the Most Un Rock N Roll thing about them. Don’t miss out.

This Week’s Guest: Devin Williams

By Paul Gibson | August 8th, 2018


This week we are talking with artist Devin Williams about his new single “Like A Fire,” his upcoming album with a string quartet, and of course The Most Un Rock N Roll thing about him. Don’t miss it.

This Week’s Guest: Grandpa Loves Rhinos

By Paul Gibson | June 15th, 2018

This week we are joined by Paul and Seth Hyde from the new band Grandpa Loves Rhinos. We’ll chat about how they manage to have a band while being in the military, a fear of heights, family, the future and The Most Un Rock N Roll thing about them. Don’t’ miss it.

You can find times and stations to catch the show on here.


This Week’s Guest: Embers In Ashes

By Paul Gibson | March 23rd, 2018

This week we are joined by the guys of Embers in Ashes. We’ll talk about their new single Another Day, what their future holds and why they’ve been laying low. Don’t miss it.

This Week’s Interview:
Seventh Day Slumber

By Paul Gibson | January 24th, 2018


Check out this week’s interview with Joseph Rojas of Seventh Day Slumber! We’ll talk about City Rockfest Tour, his new record labels and their new album Found.

This Week’s Guest: Project 86

By Paul Gibson | December 8th, 2017


This week we are joined by Project 86 lead vocalist, Andrew Schwab. Their new album “Sheep Among Wolves” just dropped after a year of writing a recording. We talk with Andrew about why the new record took so long, Christmas songs, and the most Un Rock N’ Roll thing about him.

Look for times and places to listen on our stations page.

You can purchase the new Project 86 album on their website.

This Week’s Guest: Red

By Paul Gibson | November 10th, 2017

This Week we are joined for the first time by Michael Barnes, vocalist for Red. We will talk about their brand new record “Gone,” why it sounds so different from their previous release, and what his three kids think about their dad being a rock star.

Don’t miss it.

This Week’s Guest: Disciple

By Paul Gibson | October 19th, 2016


This week we are joined by special guest Kevin Young, lead-singer and founding member of Disciple. We will talk more in depth about their just released full-length album Long Live The Rebels as well as their tour with Red. The show will also be rocking with the top 20 songs in Christian Rock plus two new Disciple tracks and a new single from Fireflight.

Below you can check out another recent interview we did with Kevin and the rest of the Disciple guys on their bus during their tour stop in Nashville. There is very little overlap between this uncut interview and the brand new one on this week’s show. ENJOY!


This Week’s Guest: Nine Lashes

By Paul Gibson | January 22nd, 2014


This Week’s guest is Jeremy Dunn, from the band Nine Lashes. Their new album is a stellar piece of crunchy hard rock with plenty of electronics and we’re going to talk about what went into the record as they worked side by side with both Jason Rauch (formerly of Red) and Aaron Sprinkle.



If you want to win a copy of their new CD From Water To War, sign up for the E-Newsletter. The Drawing will be soon. Thanks to Tooth and Nail Records.

This Week’s Guest:
Our Heart’s Hero

By Paul Gibson | August 15th, 2012

This week on the show we are joined by Our Heart’s Hero front man, Nick Joyce. We are going to talk about their latest album, what it was like recording it with out a label, their upcoming tour, their current single and video Shine On and more.

If that wasn’t enough we will also be joined by a surprise mystery guest. Don’t miss it for anything.


We will also be giving away a copy of Shine On by Our Heart’s Hero and a copy of **** *** *** ***** by our mystery guest to 2 lucky winners. To be eligible make sure you are signed up for the E-Newsletter.

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