Superchic[k] Hangs It Up

By Paul Gibson | August 14th, 2013 | Posted In News

This just posted on the Superchick Facebook page.

To anyone who heard our music:

I’d like to say thank you. To the 20,000 people at Parachute in New Zealand, to the kids at the first Lifefest, to all the crowds who sang our lyrics back to us: thanks for helping us tour the world. It was a rare blessing you gave us. You sang our songs on youtube, had our words tattooed on your bodies, included our songs in your summer soundtracks; you humbled us with your gift. You believed we were worth listening to and you made us velveteen rabbit real with your love.

Superchick is closing a chapter. The people you’ve seen on stage are taking a curtain bow. It’s time to go exploring again. Everyone has new stories to write: Tricia has another solo record coming out, Dave is touring with Audio Adrenaline, Melissa started Rosebuds East, Matt is busy being a realtor/songwriter/daddy daycare and I’ve got plenty of projects to finish up, including a ThumpMonks record years in the making.

There are 5 brand new Superchick songs we will release into the wild soon. When he first started chemo, our drummer Chase called me to say, “Don’t finish the record without me; I’m coming back in the fall.” We managed to get a couple studio sessions with him and some of Chase’s rhythmic creativity lives on in these songs. They are the last words in a sentence that was brought to a full stop by Chase’s passing. These new songs are dedicated to his fighting optimism. They are some of the best we’ve done and I hope they honor his memory.

But Superchick as a book is only done with the first chapter. It was a love letter to kids who had forgotten they were born to be world changers. Superchick was about an idea, not the people you saw on stage. When we started, I didn’t want there to be any band photography at all. The labels insisted that people wanted a face to go with the music. I wanted the album covers to be reflective so that when you picked it up, you would see your face. The lyrics are about you; they are your stories and the stories you will write. Superchick is about what is possible when you believe and the proof that it works is you.

And while you’ll not see the people you knew as Superchick together on stage again, there are still songs unfinished and words awaiting music. Perhaps someone reading this feels like she was born to wear the cape. Something will always push its way to the surface if we let it. Sometimes endings are new beginnings. It’s never over as long as you can find your courage and faith.

You made it possible for us to write this chapter. We set out to change the world and in the end, you changed ours.

With gratitude,


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