Guardian Reality Show Experiment
Has Begun

By Paul Gibson | April 16th, 2009 | Posted In News


After several false starts at doing a reunion tour, or a new full-length album, pioneering Christian rock/hair-metal band Guardian has unleashed a new idea.

House of Guardian is a different approach, combining reality TV (webisodes), with rerecording older songs live during the show, and eventually (we hope) recording entirely new songs.

The show itself feels like it could be an MTV/VH1 reality show about a band reuniting and performing. The production values aren’t quite as good as cable network shows, but at least it doesn’t have the quintessential annoying host you supposedly should have heard of.

The webisode and 4 song ep can be purchased through The House of Guardian website now, but if you want to get it through iTunes, Napster etc. you will have to wait until June. The pricing isn’t bad for the episode or the 4 song ep, and the band has a special offer if you buy both together.

I am anxious to see where this show leads, viva la Guardian!

The songs are as follows;

Psychedelic Runaway (Originally from Buzz)

Shoeshine Johnny (Originally from Miracle Mile)

C’mon Everyone/Todos Vamos Ya [Partially in Spanish] (Originally from Swing, Swang, Swung)

See You In Heaven (Originally from Swing, Swang, Swung)

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