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This Week’s Guest: Guardian

By Paul Gibson | March 26th, 2014

Guardian AM Cover-WP

This week on The Christian Rock 20 we are honored to have Guardian bassist and founding member David Bach. We’ll talk with him about Guardian’s history, their new album Almost Home, the challenges making it, and more. Check it out, We’ll have both a classic and a new Guardian track for you guys too.


This Week’s Guests:
Project 86 + Satellites & Sirens

By Paul Gibson | February 19th, 2014

Project-Satellites-WPThis week we are joined by two bands who are both currently raising money via crowd sourcing for their next albums. Project 86’s Andrew Schwab is our main guest and is raising money for both a full-length album and an acoustic ep to follow their critically acclaimed “Wait For The Siren.” We’ll talk about the funding campaign on Andrew Schwab’s upcoming side project and more.

Satellites And Sirens lead-singer Geoff Hunker will join us for a few minutes to talk about putting together their new album and what rewards you can get for helping them out on their kickstarter campaign.

This Week’s Guests: Children 18:3 & Scientist

By Paul Gibson | February 5th, 2014


This week we are joined by two of my favorite bands. Lee Marie Hostetter from Children 18:3 will be calling in to talk about their kickstarter campaign and address their recent announcement that their next record will be their last…or will it. We also will have Jesse Schaefer from Scientist to talk about their new single upcoming remixes and their connection to American Idol.

Don’t miss it.


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This Week’s Guest: I Anthem

By Paul Gibson | January 30th, 2014

I Anthem-2014-WP

This week we are joined by I Anthem singer/frontman/guitarist, Tyler Edwards. We’ll talk about their brand new record West Of Homeland. We’ll also talk about virtual bass players, real bass players, tours, videos, their current single Enemy and more.


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This Week’s Guest: Nine Lashes

By Paul Gibson | January 22nd, 2014


This Week’s guest is Jeremy Dunn, from the band Nine Lashes. Their new album is a stellar piece of crunchy hard rock with plenty of electronics and we’re going to talk about what went into the record as they worked side by side with both Jason Rauch (formerly of Red) and Aaron Sprinkle.



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This Week’s Guest: Sumerlin

By Paul Gibson | December 18th, 2013

sumerlin 2013-WP

This week on the Christian Rock 20 we are joined by Sumerlin lead-singer Dan DiGiovanni. We are going to talk about the surprise success of their single “The Fallback,” which made it all the way to #2 on the CR20, their recent signing to Dream records, their brand new single “Breaking Out,” their Christmas cover song, and what to expect from their new album Runaways, which drops February 4, 2014. You can jump into their remix contest right now too! Just go here for all the details.

This Week’s Guest: Eleventyseven

By Paul Gibson | October 16th, 2013

This week on the show we are going to let it ride as we go three for three of our favorite guests on the show. We have had Derek (Chap Stique) from Family Force 5, Jesse from Scientist and now quite possibly the most fun and often controversial Matt Langston from Eleventyseven. They just released a new ep of hymns that they put the Eleventy-twist on and so we’ll talk about that and all things Langston. Don’t miss it.

Ilia Lead Singer Steps Down

By Paul Gibson | October 16th, 2013

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="578"] Photo by: Steve Coleman. Left To Right- Jessic Frizzell & Brittney Mosher[/caption]

This just put up on Ilia‘s Facebook.

Hello everyone!

Brittney here. Some of you may have noticed that we have been pretty quiet since August. There is a reason for that. I have some difficult news; news that is super hard for me to write as it still feels so surreal to me. I really don’t want to post any of this. I have been trying to wait and see if something could be worked out, but I guess not. The truth is, our last tour was rough…too rough, and because of this Jessica and I’s friendship has been greatly strained. Out of respect for myself as well as her, I won’t go into detail and I ask that you respect our privacy.

I regret to say that I am leaving ilia. This was not my desire. I have tried to…


New Music Drop: October 15, 2013

By Paul Gibson | October 15th, 2013


New releases for October 15 , 2012 in the Christian Rock/Hip-Hop/Hard Music genres.

Click on any cover to purchase or preview an album.

(All albums purchased through these links help support the work of The Christian Rock 20.)


Devotion(Vital expanded edition)

{Big 3}


Mad Haven

{Reflection Music}

Icon For Hire


{Tooth And Nail}

Keep Quiet

New Odd Celebrity



Group Therapy


The Fold

Moving Past


Thousand Foot Krutch

Made In Canada (Best of 1998-2010)

{Tooth And Nail}

Various Artists

Jam The Hype: Life Turned Up Vol. 1

{Save The City}

Get these albums and many more through our Amazon store. Click below to access.

This Week’s Guest: Family Force 5

By Paul Gibson | October 2nd, 2013

This Week we are joined by Chap Stique (Derek Mount) from Family Force 5. We are super hyped to be able to have the first interview with the band since they announced the lineup change a few days back. We will talk about all the ins and outs of the band’s future and what we can all look forward to. Don’t miss it.

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