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This Week’s Guest: Drive Thru Society

By Paul Gibson | February 18th, 2016

Drive Thru Society-WP

This week on the show we are joined by the band Drive Thru Society. We will talk about their current EP, touring, and upcoming music. Check out our stations page to find the closest station to you or a web stream where you can catch the show.

This Week’s Guest: Seventh Day Slumber

By Paul Gibson | January 29th, 2016


Seventh Day Slumber is our guest this week on the show. Check out our interview with Joseph Rojas to hear about their follow up to the Redline EP, the upcoming City Rock Fest Tour with Disciple Rocks, Spoken, Decyfer Down, & Children 18:3 and more.

This Week’s Guest: The Ongoing Concept

By Paul Gibson | January 22nd, 2016

The Ongoing concept-wp

This week we are joined by Dawson Scholz of The Ongoing Concept. Their new album Handmade was recently released on Solid State Records and all the instruments used in the recording were hand made by the band. We’ll talk about that process and more. Don’t miss out.

This Week’s Guest: Come Wind

By Paul Gibson | January 15th, 2016


This week we are joined by Aaron of the band Come Wind to talk about their new record, the future plans of the band, day jobs and more. Go to the stations page  for times and places to listen.

This Week’s Guest: Spoken

By Paul Gibson | December 18th, 2015

This week on the show we are joined by Matt Baird from the band Spoken. We’ll talk about the new release “Breath Again.” We will also talk about their touring future, their current single Falling Apart, and Matt’s upcoming solo record.

This Week’s Guest: Bread Of Stone

By Paul Gibson | December 11th, 2015

Bread OF Stone - WP
This week Ben from Bread of Stone is joining us to talk touring, their current and upcoming record, their single Porcelain, and recording on a bus. Check it out.

This Week’s Show

By Paul Gibson | November 25th, 2015

Black Friday Weekend Special-2015
This week on the show we are going to have a Black Friday Weekend Special. That means 2 hours of Christmas music & Christmas memories from some of your favorite CR20 bands. Check it out.

This Week’s Guest: Attaboy

By Paul Gibson | November 12th, 2015

This week we’ll talk with the band Attaboy about their new single, new record, and their unique way of spreading their music.

This Week’s Guest: XXI

By Paul Gibson | September 24th, 2015

This week on the show we are joined by the guys of XXI. They are one of the most recent signings to Tooth And Nail Records have just dropped their debut record Inside Out. Formerly known as A Feast For Kings the guys are starting a new chapter with XXI after the death of AFFK lead singer Eric Gentry. They have a different singer, different style and a new record. We’ll talk with them about their recent changes as well ask them some Meaningless Questions. Don’t miss it.


If you want to win a copy of XXI’s new record Inside Out then sign up for the E-Newsletter to be entered in this week’s drawing.

This Week’s Guest: Syndrome Of Fire

By Paul Gibson | September 10th, 2015

Syndrome Of Fire - 2015-WP

This Week’s guests are Cassie Goetzke & Ryan McMahan from Syndrome Of Fire. We’ll talk with them about their brand new single “Not A Slave,” their upcoming record, playing to mainstream audiences, and their future. Don’t miss their debut interview on The Christian Rock 20.

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