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This Week’s Guest: Random Hero

By Paul Gibson | September 28th, 2019

This week we talk with Aaron Watkins, vocalist for Random Hero. We’ll chat about their new record “Tension” as well as what the future holds, their recent run with the band Red and The Most Un Rock N Roll Thing about him.

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This Week’s Guest: Disciple

By Paul Gibson | September 20th, 2019

We are talking with Kevin Young from Disciple this week on The Christian Rock 20 about their new album Love Letter Kill Shot, medication, depression, and The Most Un Rock N Roll Thing about him.

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This Week’s Guest: DAV

By Paul Gibson | September 15th, 2019

Dave Hanson from DAV is out guest this week. He talks, old school disciple, their upcoming ep, and their songs All That It Takes, and Scratching The Surface.

This Week’s Guest: Light The Way

By Paul Gibson | August 9th, 2019

This week we are joined by Andrew Carlin from the pop-punk band Light The Way. We will talk about their new ep Dad Gang, as well as their single “Hope,” and more.

This Week’s Show: Remembering Spencer Minor

By Paul Gibson | July 31st, 2019

This week we lost a talented voice in the Christian rock world. Spencer Minor, vocalist for Scarlet White passed away after a motorcycle accident on Sunday, July 28. He leaves behind his wife and son as well a wealth of music and art. Although Scarlet White disbanded in 2018 their music was a huge presence on The Christian Rock 20, their songs won the Fan Favorite of the year in 2014, and 2018 and had several weekly number ones.

After the band went their separate ways Spencer started tattooing full-time putting his art on countless customers. He will be missed.

If you would like to help with funeral expenses you can support this gofundme.

This Week’s Guest: Rusty Shipp

By Paul Gibson | July 13th, 2019

We talk with Russ T. Shipp from the band Rusty Shipp about their upcoming record Liquid Exorcist, live shows, and The Most Un Rock N Roll Thing about him.

This Week’s Guest: Skillet

By Paul Gibson | July 10th, 2019

This week we sit down with Jen Ledger from Skillet to talk about the new Skillet album, Victorious, which drops on August 2, 2019. We also chat about Aladdin, time in the studio and the future of her project, Ledger.

This Week’s Guest: Random Hero

By Paul Gibson | June 8th, 2019

We had the guys from Random Hero into the CCM Cafe to talk about their upcoming album “Tension,” signing to Rock Fest Records and what motivated them to make this album their best album yet.

This Week’s Guest: American Arson

By Paul Gibson | May 24th, 2019

This week we’ll talk with Jesse and Evan from American Arson. Their new ep Rise & Fall just dropped on Facedown Records and is really good. Jesse and Evan will talk about the ep, being a 2-piece band, live shows, and The Most un Rock N Roll Thing about them.

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This Week’s Guest: Danger Scene

By Paul Gibson | May 18th, 2019

This week we’re joined by Michael Cunningham of the band Danger Scene. We’ll talk about their new song “Poison,” Dance Dance Revolution, future plans and more.

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