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This Week’s Guest: The Lasting Hope

By Paul Gibson | May 2nd, 2015

The Lasting Hope - Real chalk-WP

This week’s guest is Logan from The Lasting Hope​, we’ll talk current music, future plans and summer camp.

This Week’s Guest: Kevin Max

By Paul Gibson | April 16th, 2015


This week on the show we are joined by music legend Kevin Max. He’s made a big footprint on music through not only his groups, DC Talk and Audio Adrenaline, but also through his solo efforts. After leaving Audio A he released his newest project as a solo artist, Broken Temples. We will talk about his a career and where he is now in this fantastic interview. Don’t miss out.

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This Week’s Guest: Silversyde

By Paul Gibson | April 9th, 2015


This week on the show we welcome Laura Juliano from Silversyde. We will talk about the struggles that went into their latest EP Casting Shadows, as well as their newest single “Anthem,” their tour with White Collar Side Show and more.

Disciple Bassist to Leave Band

By Paul Gibson | March 31st, 2015

This was just announced on Disciple’s Facebook page. 

A note from Jason:

Some things are extremely difficult to accurately translate from thoughts into words. Those things are pretty much impossible to communicate clearly in the emptiness of typed words over social media. Even so, this is my attempt to do it. As I’m writing this, it’s hard to believe that it’s already been going on three years since I joined Disciple. It honestly still feels like I just got here. When I was first contacted by Kevin about possibly getting to play with Disciple, it was the happiest I’d been in a long time (as far as my career goes). God was evidently working to show me that all the years of hard work in trying to succeed as a musician was actually leading somewhere fruitful.

Life seasons can change so quickly, but…


Manafest Releases Video for Diamonds

By Paul Gibson | March 31st, 2015

Four time Juno Award nominee, Musician, songwriter, & Author Manafest has released his latest video for the single “Diamonds” today. “Diamonds”, was co-written with Thousand Foot Krutch’s frontman Trevor McNevan and tackles the timely issue of addiction.

“When we were working on the beat, I couldn’t stop thinking about someone struggling with addiction and turning to drugs,” states Manafest. “I remember reading Brian ‘Head’ Welch’s book, Save Me From Myself, and how he took a picture of what he didn’t want to have power over him. After giving up drugs, he found some while cleaning his house. Before he flushed them down the toilet, he took a picture of them, a reminder of ‘Hey, you don’t have power over me.’ That imagery was on my mind as I was writing ‘Diamonds.’”

Manafest is currently promoting his latest effort “The Moment” which was released on August 5th 2014.

This Week’s Guest: Manafest

By Paul Gibson | March 26th, 2015

Manafest - 2015-WP


This week on the show we are joined by Manafest. We’ll discuss his new single “Diamonds” as well as his podcast, book and upcoming plans. Don’t miss it.

This Week’s Guest:
Reform The Resistance/Justifide

By Paul Gibson | March 12th, 2015


This week on the show we are joined by Sambo Moncivaiz, bass player from both Reform The Resistance and the recently reformed Justifide. They are raising funds simultaneously for new projects from both Justifide and RTR on Check out the interview to find out what sparked the new project from Justifide and what you can expect.

New Children 18:3 Announced

By Paul Gibson | March 11th, 2015



Children 18:3 will be releasing their 4th and final full length album Come In on April 21, 2015 on Tooth & Nail Records. Since 2008, Children 18:3 has been a staple in the Tooth & Nail catalog, having toured with nearly every band on the roster during their tenure. Having landed 5 Top-5 Singles at Rock Radio, Children 18:3 has always managed to craft a fresh sound in the midst of an incredibly busy touring schedule. The band averaged nearly 150 shows per year over the last four years, known by their peers as one of the hardest working bands in the scene.

Come In will be Children 18:3’s farewell album as they close out what has been an amazing run with 11 new songs for fans to remember them by. Come In will please Children 18:3 fans with catchy…


New Abandon Kansas Coming Soon

By Paul Gibson | March 2nd, 2015


Powerhouse innovators Abandon Kansas have announced the release of their first BadChristian record alligator coming May 12th, 2015.

 “I Hope God Don’t Mind If We Talk Awhile”, the record’s first single, embodies the flow of the record, jumpy and honest. Touching on topics of manhood and the struggle of healing old wounds, it’s not an easy one to listen to.  Abandon Kansas partnered with BadChristian to release alligator, a new relationship that has allowed the space and freedom of

This Week’s Guest: Sumerlin

By Paul Gibson | February 18th, 2015


This week on the show we are joined by Dan DiGiovanni from the band Sumerlin! Their record Runaways was just released as a deluxe edition on Dream Records and we’ll be talking with him about the new songs, their new single, touring and more.

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