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Suburba By House Of Heroes
Parts 1, 2 & 3

By Paul Gibson | August 23rd, 2010 | Posted In Album Review

August 3, 2010


Okay, this is an album that I have been waiting for ever since I learned to truly appreciate the genius that is Tim Skipper and co. on The End Is Not The End. So over the next 3 days I am going to share how I feel about Suburba and how my opinion stays the same or shifts.

Part 1: I have just finished listening to Suburba all the way though for the first time. This album is flippin’ awesome! I love that they took a chance on going more classic arena rock, ala Queen on this one. It has a balance of pop, rock, prog metal, and fun to make this music lover drool on himself.

I don’t have a favorite track just quite yet; let’s face it I just listened to it from start to finish for the first time. But I didn’t hear a single clunker in the bunch.

First impressions of Suburba vs. The End Is Not The End are this feels a little more uniform, upbeat, and yet epic than The End Is Not The End. More Queen and less Beatles influence.

I love this album.

[rating stars=”5″] Thus Far

Part 2 (and 3):

Okay, I had good intentions of writing the first three days of listening to Suburba. Now don’t get me wrong. I have been listening to it ever since, but life has been busy.
So after listening to it for a good 2 weeks or so now, I am just as impressed with it as I was from the start. It is arena rock for the next generation. Now I don’t think that is what I expected. Sure I expected it to be good, but this is epic.
Starting out with “Relentless,” Suburba’s tone is set. Like a more manly Freddie Mercury, Tim Skipper leads his pack with un-abashed valor through a keyboard, guitar and drum landscape that you just don’t hear any more.
“Elevator” feels more catchy and basic than Relentless, but as the charts and fan reaction has already shown, it rocks.
“Love For The Middle Class” still has the classic arena rock edge but think taking the bounce of My Sharona and mixing it in with a healthy dose of attitude and harmony and musical flair that you have come to expect from HOH.
Other favorites are well, all of them, every song rocks and it just different enough to not sound the same, and feel more like a album of 12 songs meant to be together. The End Is Not The End was and is an awesome album, but for me I enjoy this more because of it cohesiveness. Also, there is a certain vibe that will really get fans of theatre going. Suburba just begs for a stage. I want to see some ambitious person turn this into a rock opera.
This could be the best album yet this year.

~Paul Gibson

[rating stars=”5″]

Favorite Tracks:

Just get the album, they are all good.

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