Album Review: The Quota EP
By Eleventyseven

By Paul Gibson | April 3rd, 2011 | Posted In Album Review

{April 1, 2011}


I am convinced that Eleventyseven has to be a love it or hate it band for most people. Pop punk really doesn’t get any more sugary sweet than this, the punk element has been so downplayed, on this album especially, it almost merits just being called pop. Which isn’t altogether bad.

If you have been a fan for the band’s albums since Galactic Conquest, then you should enjoy this ep. It is full of the pop punk guitars, electronic accents, and high pitched harmonies that should make any jr. high, high school, or college girl swoon.

Eleventyseven has an interesting style, if you aren’t familiar with them, think back to popular songs by Metro Station or Boys Like Girls and mix that with maybe some Blink 182 and you have Eleventyseven. If this still doesn’t give you an idea, then you can use the Amazon preview player at the bottom to cheat.

The songs on Quota are good, although I don’t know if as a whole it constitutes the bands best work. The band’s last album,Adventures In Eville, had a tad better production and slightly heavier guitars, while being stylistically similar.

“I Don’t Want To Fall” feels like it could belong on any of the previous albums by the band, it’s catchy and fun and doesn’t use as much electronics as other songs on the ep.

“College Girls” has more electronic keys added which give it a fun sound, and I love the guitar solo near the end really makes it. Oh and it’s about girls in college.

“Divers In A Hurricane” is one of my favorite tracks with an underlying electronic beat along with the live drums are cool. I also think this one has some of the best lyrics of the ep, comparing a dying relationship to two divers drifting apart in a hurricane. Surprisingly enough this song could easily could seem cheesy, but it really works.

The big departure on this album is my favorite. The title track has a distinct 80’s flavor that is refreshing. Everything from the song structure to the exchange of punk guitars for a more new wave style gives the ep the kick in the butt that it needed to go to the next level.

Speaking of the 80’s, they close the ep with a cover of A Ha’s “Take On Me,” and has a nice Eleventyseven flair updating it while still staying true to the original flavor.

Overall this album is fun but not stellar. Ultimately I would love to see more experimentation with style, like on the title track. If you are a fan, then this will be a fun snack to appease your appetite till their next full-length. I look forward to seeing what their next album will sound like.

[rating stars=”3″]

~Paul Gibson

Favorite Tracks:

Divers In A Hurricane


I Don’t Want To Fall

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