Album Review: The Butterfly Sessions
By Sivion

By Paul Gibson | April 15th, 2011 | Posted In Album Review

{September 7, 2010}

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Sivion is a classy rapper. I don’t know him personally or whether or not he walks around in a tux with a cane or busts out spontaneously into a rendition of “Putting On The Ritz,” but really that isn’t what I am getting at. I just don’t know how to describe his style of hip-hop, other than to say, it’s classy.

Let me go further, this is my philosophy on hip-hop/rap. There are various flavors; party hip-hop, intellectual hip-hop, goofy/funny hip-hop, thug/gangster rap, angry rap, and classy hip-hop.

Sivion is, as stated earlier, falls in the later-most category. His rhymes and production just have a well thought out classy air about them that few others do. Kanye West  while probably not the classiest of individuals, is the only decent comparison I can think of at the moment at least in general terms.

This being said, Sivion a member of Deepspace5 has made a solid solo effort with this ep and fans of good hip-hop and of course DS5 should have plenty to savor on The Butterfly Sessions.

“Here We Go” has a mid-tempo beat driven by claps rather than a beat and plenty of good flows that get the ep started right.

“Older Now” slows it down and touches on the subject of growing up and sticking to your faith.

“Brand New Day” features guest rhymes from Othello and Consafos, and cuts from DJ Aslan. This album has a bit more a of street sound than the first two tracks and has plenty of scratching that mixes it up nicely.

“Everything Is Everything,” has a cool beat that includes a xylophone and scratching from DJ Because. The sample in the chorus and the scratching give it a old school flair while still keeping it classy.

Probably one of my favorites is the last track, Life’s Bigger Than You featuring DJ Aslan. Once again the samples and scratching coupled with more aggressive rhymes and lyrics give the ep a strong close.

This is another great release from a DS5 member leaving little doubt as to their solo chops.

~Paul Gibson

[rating stars=”3″]

Favorite Tracks:
Brand New Day
Everything Is Everything
Life’s Bigger Than You

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