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Rains’ A Comin’ By Children 18:3

By Paul Gibson | July 14th, 2010 | Posted In Album Review

children183-rac-coverJuly 6, 2010

{Tooth And Nail}

Have you ever been scared to try a new offering by your favorite movie director or actor? You just have such a high place set aside for them in your mind that you are terrified of having them dislodged. Every time I see a new Tim Burton or M. Knight Shyamalan film I get a knot of apprehension because I fear disappointment.

So as I pushed play on the new disc from Children 18:3 I felt something strikingly similar, Lost So Long is a good single, but how will the rest of Rain’s A Comin’ stack up? Their self-titled was so perfect in so many ways, it had a cool raw quality that I knew could be lost with more production. Lost So Long had more polish but was still good, But often movie trailers look great but the movie itself is nothing worth your $8.50.

All my doubts were stripped away with pure awesomeness that is punk rock n roll. I love every track, each has a perfect mix of punk, pop, chaos, and rock n roll.

The album kicks off with the title track, which acts both as an mood setter for the rest of the album but also a sort of first part of the song “Lost So Long” that comes toward the end of the album.

“Cover Your Eyes,” a song that the siblings of Children 18:3 have been performing for some time live, has an cool driving punk grit that doesn’t disappoint.

“The Cruel One” starts off sounding like it could a lost lyric from Johnny Cash, and then goes into an hard hitting song involving Cruella Deville.

“Oh Honestly!” breaks the mold for the band and could even get them play on (*gasp) a pop station. It is mostly driven by an acoustic guitar and hand claps. Yep this song may surprise you with its indieness, but it strangely works well as a breather in the middle of the album.

Other favorites of mine include the talent show drama of “Oh Bravo,” the coming of age story of “Hey Driftwood,” the epic “Lost So Long.” Even the two instrumentals have their own place in the texture of Rains’ A Comin’.

This is a step forward toward perfection for these Minnesotans, while it does have more polish than their self-titled debut, they aren’t going all cooperate rock on us. All the attitude that drove them before is still front and center and saluting the world with a snarl. It could easily be the best album to come out this year, and certainly the best of their genre. Look out world, Children 18:3’s A Comin.

[rating stars=”5″]

~Paul Gibson
Favorite Tracks:

Rains’ A Comin

Lost So Long

The Cruel One

Cover Your Eyes

Oh Bravo!

Hey DriftWood

Oh Honestly!


(but seriously they are all really good)

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Rains’ A Comin’ By Children 18:3”

  1. Jessica and jocelyn says:

    No one ever writes comments on these, we know, but we just have to say that we’ve read a lot of reviews for this album and this is our favourite. It’s definitely the one that resounds the most with the way we feel about the album. It could very well be the best album of the year. Well, it will definitely be our favourite.

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