Album Review: Live In Concert
By Manafest

By Paul Gibson | September 24th, 2011 | Posted In Album Review

{June 7, 2011}


White, Canadian, skater dude doesn’t sound like your typical rap artist, but Manafest has a way of making it look easy. Now since he has donned the rock and roll frontman hat he has made it look good too. Manafest’s The Chase has turned heads like never before and now he is bringing his live concert experience to CD and DVD in this cool combo pack.

Mannafest’s Live In Concert is fun to listen to or watch on your TV at home, featuring mostly songs from The Chase it also features more classic tunes like “4-3-2-1,” “Bounce,” and “Impossible.” With the full band he even ads more rock flair to songs that started off as hip-hop. I do wish that “Skills” had been part of the set list, but hey nothing is completely perfect.

Manafest’s performance is good with plenty energy on every song and the club as apposed to a stadium gives the performance an intimate feel and the sold-out crowd has energy worthy of a live DVD. The only part that is odd is when you see a skate board that Manafest had been on earlier in the concert sitting in the middle of stage. I was waiting rather uncomfortably for him to step on it and have a bad accident.

The DVD also includes some fun bonuses like the music videos for “No Plan B,” “Avalanche,” and “Impossible.” The most entertaining may be the Japan Interview though. You just have to see the DJ go back an forth between English and Japanese, it is quite impressive.

This is one of the best live recordings that I have heard on a live album with plenty of  guitars and booming drums with plenty of vocals.

This combo pack is a must if you are a Manafest fan of any size. It’s well worth it.


~Paul Gibson


DVD [rating=5]

CD [rating=4]


Favorite Tracks:



Top Of The World

No Plan B


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