Album Review: Live At The Masquerade
By Thousand Foot Krutch

By Paul Gibson | September 24th, 2011 | Posted In Album Review

{June 7, 2011}

Tooth And Nail

Thousand Foot Krutch has been near the top of the heap in Christian Rock for a good while now and it is kind of baffling that a live album hasn’t come sooner. They have had their share of hits and have recently done quite well with their latest album Welcome To The Masquerade, so maybe the timing is good.

The CD of this CD/DVD combo overall outshines the DVD in my mind. They both have the same songs, recorded at the same concert but I enjoyed listening more than I did watching. Which when it comes down to it is probably better, because how many times am I likely to watch a concert as apposed to listening to it? I mean really.

The collection of songs hits on most of their hits with just a couple of glaring omissions, “Phenomenon” and “Supafly” were missed by this reviewer. But overall the song selection works well. Not too many of their mellow tracks and plenty of their heavy goodness makes for a good live experience. They tear through recent hits like “Fire It Up” and “Bring Me To Life“ then closing with a classic like “Puppet” felt inspired.

The sound recording is great for a live concert, although if you really like hearing the crowd sing-along then you might be disappointed. I assume because of the pyro the crowd was a good distance from the stage, so hearing those fun call-and-response parts is difficult. Trevor McNaven is pretty spot on with his performance of both new and old songs putting plenty of oomph into every track. The rest of the band lays it down with plenty of crunch and made this live recording sparkle.

The DVD portion is fun but doesn’t have any extras and the concert video has its awkward moments. There are too many wide shots, where unless there is pyro going off or you just have a huge TV there isn’t much to see. The pacing never felt like it really fell into a good rhythm and while it isn’t shot badly it is not as good as it could have been. Also, it felt weird that they fade out and back in for each song. I would have rather seen the whole show uncut. It is part of the experience of being at a show after all.

So if you are a TFK fan or just a fan of a good live album this is a good one. The DVD is worth one view, but most are.

~Paul Gibson
DVD [rating=”3″]

CD [rating=”4″]

Favorite Tracks:

Bring Me To Life

E For Extinction



Fire It Up


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