Album Review: In Character By Blood And Water

By Shawn Anderson | July 16th, 2010 | Posted In Album Review

Blood And Water Cover

July 13, 2010

{Eden Records}

The release of Blood and Water, In Character, is a catchy, high-energy collection of fun summer tunes that will certainly cement the band’s mark on the Christian music industry.
Blood and Water is a foursome comprised of two brothers, Brad Hagmann (guitars, vocals) and Matt Hagmann (vocals, bass), along with Jason Barnes (drums) and Matt Trettin (guitar). They hail from Fremont, California, a city on the east bay of San Francisco.

Blood and Water is a blend of Punk and Ska, with influences from bands such as OC Supertones, the W’s, Weezer, and Five Iron Frenzy. In Character was skillfully engineered with dove-award winning Masaki Liu, who also produced bands such as the W’s and Five Iron Frenzy.

As the sophomoric release of Blood Water, In Character reveals a more refined, funky sound than their self-titled debut album. Artistically, In Character shows a growing artistic sophistication, yet it is pleasantly light and danceable.

The album showcases an eclectic mix of styles. Perhaps my favorite song is “McGee and Me”, which features springy guitar riffs and driving drum grooves. Songs like “Hear Me Out”, “Sinking”, and “Gakou” emulate the crunching guitar sounds of Weezer, and demonstrate tight harmonies and sing-along choruses. The band chooses a slower, acoustical pace with “Weighed and Measured”, “40342”, and “Interstate”.

With a collection of songs that get stuck in your head after repeated spins, In Character is one of those albums that will be enjoyed for a long time.

[rating stars=”5″]

~Shawn Anderson/Author of “Living Dangerously

Favorite Tracks:
Sleep it off
McGee and Me

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