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By Paul Gibson | January 9th, 2011 | Posted In Album Review

{October 10, 2010}


I am going to start this review with a quick provision to save some of you some time. Grammatrain is no longer a “Christian band.” Lead-singer Pete Stewart no longer counts himself as a member of the Christian community, while the Roraback brothers are still Christians. In a recent HM Magazine interview Stewart went into more detail about how this album came to be. All three members still wanted to make music as a band, despite religious differences. The lyrics on the album are not “Christian” as such, but neither are they dirty, profane, or offensive. There shouldn’t be anything on Imperium to disturb or otherwise offset believers. As a matter of fact, I would venture that if Stewart had not been as public with his spiritual shift, most Christ followers would never have noticed the difference.

Now let’s talk about the album in a non-theological way.

Imperium strikes me as the lost link between Lonely House and Flying. It has a writing style reminiscent of the raw and heavy grunge of Lonely House, but it has the slick production and accessibility of Flying.

All the songs hold their own beautifully, but I think they might sound better as individual tracks than as a 57 minute LP. More diversity would have made it a better start to finish experience.

I really like “With My Hands” with an unusual percussion intro that leads into a great guitar riff that carries on throughout.

“Controlling Me” has a great slower intensity with just Stewart and an acoustic guitar capturing the best non-heavy Grammatrain tune ever.

“Atmosphere” also has a really cool heavy vibe that keeps it interesting even though it’s an almost 7 minute long song.

So if it bugs you that Stewart no longer sings blatant Christian lyrics like he once did, this isn’t the album for you. But if you are just looking for a solid hard-rock/grunge record, this is it. I am glad to hear Grammatrain back at work and after 11 years.

[rating stars=”3″]

~Paul Gibson

Favorite Tracks:

With My hands


Straight Down

Controlling Me

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  1. James says:

    I personally do not think Pete Stewart was really born- again He had religion perhaps not Jesus

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