Album Review:
Burning Like The Midnight Sun
By The Choir

By Mike Gibson | June 26th, 2010 | Posted In Album Review

{June 29, 2010}



Like a circle slide twenty years long that invites you to once again chase a kangaroo, this is good stuff.

I age myself by recalling the purchase of a cassette by a new group called “Youth Choir.”  Since that time in the mid-eighties, I have been an auditory observer to the evolution of one of my favorite bands in alternative music.  And this one makes it a baker’s dozen.  Twelve that is so good it could pass for thirteen.

The vulnerable vocals dance with the loopy guitars as strong and playful rhythms provide a canvas for quirky expressions of deep thought.   Tim Chandler’s bass and Dan Michael’s sax (the random embellishments are brilliant) and lyricon, are complimented by the vocals of Christine Glass and trippy guitar of Marc Byrd.

There are songs make you long for more of the story.  Who fell from the stage?  A fraudulent ticket  worth its own lyric?  What brand were the smoky treats?

There are other tunes that inspire respect for the pain-filled observations such as “life is known to play unfunny tricks on you.”  I can imagine that sentiment appearing amid the starts and birds floating above a body that has just fallen from a stage.

If you are a fan, you will love this recording.  If you are not, this one could make you one.  It is hot.  Burning.  Like a midnight sun.

~Mike Gibson

[rating stars=”5″]

Favorite Tracks:

Midnight Sun
Old Man Byrd
It Should Have Been Obvious

4 Responses to “Album Review:
Burning Like The Midnight Sun
By The Choir”

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  2. gee says:

    Umm – great review – other than the TYPO in the header – really “the Chior”? Americans…phsshaw! If the single I downloaded is any indication of the whole album – it will be unbelievable! Can hardly wait!!!

  3. Paul Gibson says:

    Sorry bout that. I was so eager for you to read it that I missed that one. And I will back up the review Mike did and confirm it is awesome and it’s out today so BUY IT!


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